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Testing tables

New ZealandWellington

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Video testing

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Testing mp3

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Testing something...

Just a test; please ignore ;)

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So will this work?

Will it?

0 °C

Testing the auto save function here. It doesn't really seem to be doing much of anything at the moment. I wonder if my javascript is not working or something? Or is it just not even getting started at all? Must be that... weirdness. This definitely needs fixing.

How often does this auto saving actually come into play? Is it once a minute/every two minutes, three minutes, four minutes?

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tet testsad

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Testing Thumbnail images


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Test entry

Some content usually goes in the content area of a blog. For example a link to cheap travellers insurance? The real test is actually what not doing anything in the Weather field will do for posting this here blog entry. Exciting :)

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Floating content around some photos

Specifically for the TP blogs...

So, here I just stick a photo in it's normal size and don't float it at all. This text will thus show up above the photo. DSC03842.jpg

1_1253559606608_with eunice.jpg

Now I want to have a photo that this text here wraps around. To do that, I surround the img with underline tags. Very hacky, but should work :) I also make sure the text I want to show to the right of the picture comes after the image in the code!

In the CSS I then include this line:

u {float:left;margin:0 5px 0 0;padding:0;}


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